IUMR 2019
Marathon et semi-marathon international de Rennes 2019
Rennes (FR)

Competition Scoring Details

There is a separation between Event Registration and Competitions:

  • Event Registration is what the registrant desires to compete in
  • Competition is the actual competition in which they compete.
Note For Pairs, Group, Team sports, each Competitor will include many registrants.
Note Registering for an Event doesn't guarantee that the registrant will be in the Competition, and neither does it prevent them from being included in the Competitor List. It is up to the Event Director to manage the Competitor List and deal with discrepancies.

Competition Creation/Configuration can be very difficult, depending on whether your particular event is running the competition differently than tradition. This system allows for many different configuration options, which should be able to support your competition no matter how you choose to run it.

Director's responsibilities

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